Hi! I'm Jacob. I'm a proven impact entrepreneur driven by innovation, integrity and community to do things like these: 

My work in finance, cleantech, digital technology, and consumer advocacy has been covered in major news media around the world including the Financial Times, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the BBC, Boing Boing, the CBC and Vice.

I love drawing on the lessons from these experiences to help others achieve impact and meaning through their work. I do it in three simple ways: Discover, Thrive, and Build. 

I've been working at the edge of global sustainability and technology for more than 20 years. One thing is certain, I've still got a lot to learn. 

I write about what it means to have an impactful career in a rapidly changing world. 

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Mentorship has been a huge factor in the impact I've had. More and more people are now asking me for advice.

Impact work is often emotionally challenging and a key way to thrive by helping one another. I set aside an hour every week to support innovators. Book a consult today! 

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How I Help 

My Experience 

At the UNEP Finance Initiative I project-managed the first global collaboration of financial institutions to undertake research on the materiality of ESG issues to equity pricing (report here). This work, along with the Freshfields report on the fiduciary duty of ESG issues, laid the foundations for the Principles for Responsible Investment. Along with James Gifford, I ran the PRI process until the first investor meeting. I've written about it here. Others have written about it here

I left UNEP FI to join ICANN, the nonprofit responsible for critical aspects of technical Internet governance. While at ICANN I developed and launched the ICANN fellowships program and was a founding member of the ICANN Global Partnerships team. I left ICANN to co-found the .eco Internet domain with Trevor Bowden and Anastasia O'Rourke. I was Director and CEO of Big Room Inc, the company behind the .eco domain registry, for ten years.

After exiting from .eco I worked with Foresight - Canada's leading cleantech accelerator - on their ecosystem strategy, including open innovation challenges and cluster development. 

I left Foresight to join the Open Lunar Foundation, where I worked to help it transition from a policy advocacy organization to an open technology policy innovation lab focussed on delivering a peaceful and sustainable lunar future. 

Outside of work, I advocate for the preservation of open and accessible technologies. Most significantly this included the Save Dot Org campaign, which I helped catalyze with these posts, leading to global media coverage and the eventual regulatory rejection of the proposed sale of dot-org to private equity. 

jacob@malthouse.eco | Linkedin